Welcome to the National SUIDI Registry

Sudden, Unexplained Infant Death Investigation Registry

As a part of the National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) continued efforts to support projects with forensic significance, the SUIDI Registry is being added to the existing set of death investigation data systems supported by the organization and run by Occupational Research and Assessment www.orainc.com in Big Rapids, Michigan. The goal of this site is to support the efforts of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) SUIDI Initiative which began in 2003 with efforts to study the application and use of the 1996 SUID Reporting Form and Guidelines and culminated in 2008 with the completion of five National SUIDI Training Academies conducted at various sites across the United States.

A major goal of the SUIDI Academies was to train individuals to use the SUIDI Reporting Form. This data site was created to collect that data nationally for future prevention and surveillance activities.

Access to the Site

Access to this system is restricted to registered users. Users must Register and be "activated" (usually within 24 hours). Verified members of the SUIDI Registry typically represent the following groups:

  • SUIDI Academy completers

  • Medical Examiners or Coroners

  • Medicolegal Death Investigators

  • Child Death Review Team Members

  • Public Health Administrators

  • Law Enforcement

Data Storage

Data input and viewing is password protected. All data is encrypted and safety sorted at with RackSpace in Texas and backed up at two other separate locations in the United States. The same security protocols are used with this site as are employed on our other sites developed and managed for the U.S. Department of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control.

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